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Cruelty Free & Vegan

Our lashes are made 100% with vegan fibers and have a super soft and premium feel. (PBT Fibers Made in Korea) We don't test on animals or use our furry friends to make our lashes.  

SAY NO TO MINK LASHES!!                                       
Lets be honest! All lashes sourced from mink are associated with animal cruelty. Even if the company claims to obtain the fur by brushing the mink our furry friends still suffer because they are kept in cages there entire lives and don't get the privilege of being free wild animals. PETA has reported that minks are the most commonly farmed fur animals in the world. They're kept in confined spaces which causes them to develop mental distress. This often leads them to mutilate and fight with their cage mates. The end result for minks on farms is dying in an inhumane way as they'll suffer from severe injuries and infections.  Or eventually get slaughtered.   
KGLOGLAM™ was created by a latina in the summer of 2018. We pride ourselves in providing high quality faux mink lashes without breaking the bank or using our furry friends. Our lashes are handcrafted with lots of love and made with cruelty free fibers. We strongly believe that pretty & luxury lashes should never cost a furry baby their life or freedom which is why we highly encourage lash lovers to make the switch to cruelty free & vegan lashes. Our lashes are a premium type of synthetic fibers made from the latest technology to mimic the appearance of mink lashes. We've received so much positive feedback and appreciate all the love and support.