Lash Care Tips

Apply/Remove Care Instruction Tips: 

1. Gently remove the lashes from the tray by holding lash band from the inner side pull slowly and very carefully.

2. Measure your false lashes with your eye length, trim off any excess length from the end.

3. Curl and apply your mascara to your natural eyelashes before applying your falsies.

4. Apply a very thin layer of eyelash glue to the lash band. Let glue dry 5-7 seconds. 

5. Gently apply your kgloglam lashes to your lash line. Start from the inner side of the lash. Secure your lashes by pressing your falsies and your natural lashes together. You can do so very gently with lash applicator or fingers. 

6. Soak a Qtip with a non oil based makeup remover and gently tap to your lash band. Remove your lashes very carefully and slowly to avoid pulling of your natural lashes. 

7. Keep your lashes away from WATER or HEAT.

8.  DO NOT rub, pull, or curl your falsies.

9. Remove before bedtime.  Remove any excess of glue with non oil based makeup remover. Only apply to your lash band not entire lashes.

10. Store your lashes back into the lash tray once you have cleaned your lashes. Helps keep your lashes nice and clean before your next use.